1 kg Natural Smoked Haddock 1Kg

Beautifully versatile, smoked haddock can easily spice up your weekday meal with it's exquisite sweet smokey flavour. It can be added to risotto, fish cakes, salads, tarts and more! It is low in calories and full of vitamins and smoked haddock is a great tasty source of protein.


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As a guide 1 1 kg Natural Smoked Haddock is around 350 grammes £28.00/KG (each portion is roughly 350g before preparation, the method will effect the final weight you receive).
Fish vary in size, the invoiced weight of your fish will be + or - 10% of the ordered weight.
Preparation method will affect the portion yield.

Smoking haddock is a traditional and time-honored practice in Lancashire, where the process of naturally smoking the fish has been perfected over centuries.

The process begins with the selection of high-quality haddock, which is prepared by gutting and cleaning before being hung in a smoking kiln. The kilns in Lancashire are typically constructed from brick and feature a fire at one end that smolders with locally sourced wood, such as oak or beech. This wood imparts a distinctive flavor to the haddock as it slowly smokes, infusing the fish with a rich and smoky aroma.

The smoking process can take several hours, during which time the haddock gradually takes on a golden brown color and becomes firm to the touch. Once the smoking is complete, the haddock is left to cool before being carefully inspected and packaged for sale.

The resulting product is a delicacy prized for its tender texture and complex flavor profile. The natural smoking process in Lancashire ensures that the haddock retains its natural moisture and imparts a depth of flavor that cannot be replicated with artificial methods.

In conclusion, the process of smoking haddock naturally in Lancashire is a time-honored tradition that results in a superior product cherished by locals and sought after by gourmands around the world.

nutritional information
per 100g portion
protein nutritional information



31.79% RDA/RI

carbohydrates nutritional information



0.00% RDA/RI

sugars nutritional information



0.00% RDA/RI

fat nutritional information



0.86% RDA/RI

saturates nutritional information



0.33% RDA/RI

salt nutritional information



1.18% RDA/RI

kcal nutritional information



3.00% RDA/RI

Melanogrammus Aeglefinus
Contains fish/fish products

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