Welsh Cockles 150g frozen

Penclwdd Cockles are fully sustainable in fact they still use the rake and riddle to collect these delicate sweet tasting creatures .These are fresh cooked and shelled cockles, ready to eat or re-heat. Pepper. Vinegar and if you want to be posh a cocktail stick is all you need to enjoy a tub of these Welsh Wonders however if you fancy cockle cakes I would highly recommend.


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The season is over for a while so only frozen available 

Penclywdd cockles are famous for their unique and distinct flavor, as well as for being a traditional delicacy in Wales. These small, briny shellfish have been harvested from the tidal flats of the Burry Inlet in South Wales for centuries, and their reputation has only grown over time.

One of the reasons why Penclywdd cockles are so renowned is because of the specific environmental conditions in which they are found. The Burry Inlet is an area rich in nutrients, and the mix of freshwater and saltwater creates the perfect habitat for these cockles to thrive. This results in a flavor that is unrivaled by cockles from other regions.

Moreover, Penclywdd cockles have a strong cultural significance in Wales. They have been enjoyed as a traditional food for generations, and are often served as a snack at local markets or enjoyed in recipes passed down through families. This longstanding tradition has cemented their reputation as a quintessential Welsh food.

In addition, the harvesting of Penclywdd cockles is also a heritage craft, with local cocklers using traditional methods to gather the shellfish by hand. This adds to the allure of Penclywdd cockles as a cultural icon, further contributing to their fame.

Overall, Penclywdd cockles are famous for their exceptional taste, their cultural significance, and the traditional methods used to harvest them, making them a beloved and celebrated delicacy in Wales.

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25.00% RDA/RI

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0.00% RDA/RI

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1.00% RDA/RI

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2.56% RDA/RI

Cerastoderma edule
Contains fish/fish products and molluscs

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